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Jason Boyce

About Staff

Senior Birding guide and administrative assistant for Birding Ecotours.

Jason recently completed a BSc in Environmental Science and now does a lot of guiding in Africa and Europe. We’re aiming to have him guide some of our Asian trips as well in the near future. When not leading trips, he does office work for the company. His energy, enthusiasm and knowledge are bottomless, and his people skills are absolutely superb. He has been fascinated by birds ever since he could see them. He has loved the journey that birds have taken him on up to this day, having been birding for over 16 years, and he couldn’t imagine the next 30 years without them.

Jason has spent most of his life in Pretoria, South Africa, with a two-year stint in the Western Cape. He has an incredible passion for leading outings and teaching others about the wonders of the birding world, nature and the environment – from the “Grasslands of the Lark” to the “Mountains of the Eagle”. He is very well-known for his involvement in young birders’ groups and contributes a great deal to research and conservation projects, such as the Southern African Bird Atlas Project. He also likes birding competitions and does phenomenally well in the Wider Gauteng Birding Challenge as one example. As another example, Jason represents us in the Champions of the Flyway bird race for conservation His passion for birds is contagious (so beware of catching it from him!)


Had a great time with Jason birding around Johannesburg – Pretoria – Dullstrom area countryside. Jason’s easy-going and patient style made for a comfortable four days. His amazing ability to spot well-hidden birds and to identify in a flash, along with his expert knowledge of numerous local habitats allowed us to see 85 species the first day! Would love to come back and do another tour.

Sandy Campbell. Edmonton, Canada

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for arranging the tour yesterday. I would just like to say that Jason was amazing, my father and myself were blown away by his knowledge, patience and true passion, a true gentleman and a credit to your tour operation. I would please like to be added to your newsletter and in the future we will be looking to do a birding tour. Many thanks.

Katharine, South Africa

Hi Chris-

I just wanted to send a quick note from the airport letting you know what an incredible day I had with Jason.  He is an outstanding guy and a great birder.  Our list for the day exceeded my wildest expectations.  My head is still buzzing!  I will connect with Jason so that we can compare lists once I have my details sorted out.  In the meantime, please let him know today was one of the best days I have ever had in the field.  Please also tell him I asked for a refund for lack of raptors…kind of an ongoing joke throughout the day.

Thanks for coordinating all of this, Chris.  Yours is an outstanding outfit.  If I ever travel to one of the countries you cover or if I return to SA, I will only use Birding Ecotours.


Jonathan Bowser, University of Colorado

One of the best birding tours that I have taken and I have taken many over 50 years. Jason has outstanding knowledge of Southern African birds, recognition of of bird calls even very faint ones and matching habitat with expected species that occur in these habitat types. Jason is enthusiastic and has good group management skills to assist clients from beginners to world listers to maximize their tour enjoyment. And to add to that Jason is an excellent driver, always felt safe.
John Drummond, Colorado Springs, Colorado


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