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Are you the type who dreams about getting a Resplendent Quetzal in your viewfinder? Getting the right light on a Whitehead’s Trogon or a Black-and-Yellow Broadbill, or framing a Picathartes just perfectly? We realize that getting that one great picture takes effort, and we plan to allow you to do that. In countries such as Kenya, where the photography is partly vehicle-based, we understand that getting the vehicle in the right light and right angle can make all the difference. We understand that having a window seat at all times with fully opening windows is a must to get close to the birds and wildlife, and we want to make sure you get that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Also, we understand that having the room to keep your stuff at the ready is important, so we try to keep empty seats in our vehicles for photo-tours. We are photographers ourselves and will take the time to manoeuvre you into the right position to get the shot you want. Though we specialize in birds, we also love getting great shots of mammals, butterflies, lizards, crocodiles, dragonflies, and a myriad more, and we know where to go to get them. We know the animals and know where to find them and get you into the right spot for a memorable photo. Come join us on one of our fantastic photography voyages around the world. Many of our tours are specialist birding photo tours, but others are less focused just on birds – please ask us if in doubt.

Great photography options are available on all our set-departure tours, and most of our guides are serious photographers themselves. A few of our set-departure tours also are purely photographic tours, where photography is more important than species count and time can be taken to get exactly the picture you dream of. If we don’t offer a photo tour to a country you are interested in, please contact us. We will run any of our tours as photographic custom tours at any time, or we can arrange a custom itinerary for you, centered exclusively on your photographic needs and wants.

Photo and Birding Tour Kenya: Birding and Wildlife Adventure 2018

Duration: 21 days
Date Start: August 17, 2018
Date End: September 06, 2018
Price: US$13,951 per person sharing
Details: This is a photographic birding tour that gives you time in one of Africa’s most photogenic countries. Kenya has a unique and diverse array of habitat types, ranging from the snow-capped mountains at

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Photo and Birding Tour Namibia - Quintessential Namibia 2018

Duration: 11 days
Date Start: September 02, 2018
Date End: September 12, 2018
Price: This is an exclusive tour, prices on request.
Details: Experience the Namib in all its splendor – the oldest desert in the world with towering red dunes. The essence of Namibia is encapsulated in this wondrous photographic birding exploration, which tak

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Photo and Birding Tour Namibia and Botswana: 13-day Adventure 2018

Duration: 13 days
Date Start: March 09, 2018
Date End: March 21, 2018
Price: R89,797 per person sharing, based on 4 – 7 participants in a 14-seater van with some seats removed.
Details: This is a photographic birding tour that gives you time in some of Africa’s greatest (no exaggeration!) wildlife havens. We begin our Photo and Birding Tour Namibia and Botswana in Namibia with thr

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Photo and Birding Tour South Africa: Western Cape, with extension to Kruger National Park 2018

Duration: 11 days
Date Start: September 01, 2018
Date End: September 11, 2018
Price: Main tour: R50,562 , Kruger NP extension R26,889
Details: South Africa’s Western Cape Province is scenically stunningly beautiful and hugely varied – from rocky sea cliffs and impressive mountains rising straight out of the sea to everything from moist t

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What our clients say

Andy is a superb guide with a wonderful knowledge of birds and where to find them. He is enthusiastic and keen, great company and a real pleasure to bird with. Our Australian trip was very successful in terms of sightings and also really enjoyable. Andy played a big part in that with his superb organisation, excellent birding skills, easy-going nature and positive attitude. I would happily join Andy on a birding trip again and hope to be able to do so later this year!  

Janice, Kent, UK

We can run any of our tours privately any time and we can also arrange custom itineraries - send us your wish-list and we'll put the itinerary together! Please click here.

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