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Birding Tour Comoros and Mayotte 2018

Our Birding Tour Comoros and Mayotte will visit all three islands of the Comoros as well as the island of Mayotte. Although Mayotte is a department and region of France, traditional Mayotte culture and ecology are most closely related to that of the neighboring Comoros islands and biogeographically it is part of the Comoros. This tour allows a rare opportunity for any serious lister to hopefully connect with some of the rarest, most range-restricted, and/or endangered species on the planet. These include Karthala Scops Owl, Moheli Scops Owl, Anjouan Scops Owl (all three listed as Critically Endangered by IUCN), Mayotte Scops Owl, and many other birds, a large number of which are endemic to the Comoros with their respective subspecies being endemic to their specific island. Not only is the birding spectacular, but so too is the scenery and the variety in the fauna and flora that one picks up along the way. The trip, however, is quite strenuous, as the climbs are steep and the camping fairly basic. But the birds available soon make one forget about the lack of common luxuries.

This tour will start on 30 September in consideration of those tour participants coming from our Birding Tour Madagascar: The Remote North, providing a two-day gap between tours because of rather unreliable flight connections from Antananarivo to the Comoros, where delays and even cancellations are common.

We will also add the Seychelles if the whole group wants to do these islands – the endemic Seychelles Scops Owl is easy, as is White Tern, etc. And it is easy for us to also add Mauritius – please just ask.

This tour can be combined with our Birding Tour Madagascar: The Remote North 2018.

Duration: 11 days

Limit (Group Size): 4 - 8

Date Start: September 30, 2018

Date End: October 10, 2018

Tour Start: Moroni, Grand Comoro

Tour End: Dzaoudzi, Mayotte

Price: €4519 per person sharing (These are 2017 prices; 2018 prices are expected to be 5 - 10% higher.)

Single Supplement: to be announced

Price includes:


Guiding fees

Entrance fees

All transport while on tour

Bottled water throughout the tour

Inter-island flights (Grand Comoro – Mohéli – Anjouan – Mayotte)

Price excludes:

International flights

Items of a personal nature, e.g. gifts



Personal insurance


Madagascan Pochard - Remote Madagascar birding tour

Birding Tour Madagascar: The Remote North 2018

Duration: 10 days
Limit (Group Size): 4 - 8
Date Start: September 19, 2018
Date End: September 28, 2018
Price: €4982 per person sharing (These are 2017 prices; 2018 prices are expected to be 5 - 10% higher.)
Details: Our Birding Tour Madagascar: The Remote North is good for serious listers who may have already done the basics of Madagascar; the standard Madagascar trips that most birding companies do allow one to

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Tomato Frog - Fabienne Raphoz

Birding Tour Madagascar: Best of Madagascar Birds and Wildlife 2018

Duration: 15 days
Limit (Group Size): 6 - 8
Date Start: October 17, 2018
Date End: October 31, 2018
Price: €5678 per person sharing, assuming 6-8 participants
Details: Madagascar! Our world’s fourth-largest island is, quite simply, unique. Five bird families and five mammal families (including the lemurs) are endemic to this massive island, and half the world’s

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Sickle-billed Vanga - Ian Merrill

Birding Tour Madagascar: 7-day Northwest Pre-tour 2018

Duration: 7 days
Limit (Group Size): 6 - 8
Date Start: October 06, 2018
Date End: October 12, 2018
Price: €2976 per person sharing, assuming 6-8 participants
Details: One hundred and twenty nine species of birds have been recorded in Ankarafantsika National Park, more than half of them endemic to Madagascar. They include Van Dam’s Vanga, Rufous Vanga, the el

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Red Owl - Alan van Norman

Birding Tour Madagascar: 6-day Masoala Peninsula Pre-tour 2018

Duration: 6 days
Limit (Group Size): 6 - 8
Date Start: October 12, 2018
Date End: October 17, 2018
Price: €2299 per person sharing, assuming 6-8 participants
Details: The Masoala Peninsula extension can generate the unbelievable Helmet Vanga, Brown Mesite, and Short-legged Ground Roller, as well as the largest – and most bizarre – nocturnal lemur, the aye-aye,

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What our clients say

Peru was extraordinary!!!!!! My “to do” list includes a message to Eduardo with some images that we captured and a tally of the last day’s birds seen with Dennis near Lima, so he can prepare a complete trip report. Wil and I completed our tally while he was still here visiting after our trip and it came in at a staggering 430+ species seen, and a trip total of 460 species either seen or heard by the Taylor brothers. Your guys delivered BIG TIME on this trip, with three stellar guides and nearly flawless logistics, including two excellent drivers as well. Can’t thank you enough, Chris. Eduardo, as you no doubt already know, was top notch. It was tough saying good bye to him and Raul when they dropped us at the Cusco airport. We could not have had a better guide/driver combo for the core of the trip. Wil and I have never hesitated to recommend you and BE to our acquaintances, and we now know that our unconditional recommendation can be extended to your Peruvian office as well. Thanks a million for your help in getting the Peru trip arranged. We’ll be in touch. I attach a photo of satisfied customers with their weary guide near the lower end of the Manu Road, with the Rio Union in the background. For my part, the tour with you was the best overall of all the tours we’ve taken; most memorable, rewarding, and enjoyable.

John Taylor, Indiana, Pennsylvania

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