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What, if anything, makes us different from other birding tour companies?  The two paramount things to us are:

Tour quality 



Birding Tour Papua New Guinea: Attenborough's Paradise 2017

Duration: 19 days
Date Start: August 31, 2017
Date End: September 18, 2017
Price: US$8,950 per person sharing, assuming 8 – 9 participants US$11,132 per person sharing, assuming 6 – 7 participants US$13,573 per person sharing, assuming 4 – 5 participants
Details: Papua New Guinea (PNG) is indeed a birder’s paradise. Thirty-four birds-of-paradise live on the island of New Guinea, of which thirty-one can be found in Papua New Guinea. The island of New Guinea i...

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Birding Tour Uganda: 14-day Shoebill and Albertine Rift Endemics 2018

Duration: 14 days
Date Start: August 01, 2018
Date End: August 14, 2018
Price: US$8168 per person sharing, Murchison Falls NP extension US$2967 per person sharing - On Sale: 10 % off the currently listed price for 2018, for early booking before Dec 31, 2017
Details: The main trip allows one to find the most important birds and primates that Uganda has to offer in just 14 days. Shoebill is almost guaranteed. Over 20 Albertine (Western) Rift endemics are also sough...

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Birding Tour West Papua: Arfak and Waigeo Birding Expedition 2017

Duration: 12 days
Date Start: November 16, 2017
Date End: November 27, 2017
Price: US$5855 per person sharing based on 4-8 participants
Details: West Papua has 322 of the endemics of the island of New Guinea (94 %), compared to Papua New Guinea’s 294 (86 %). West Papua is also considered the safer alternative to PNG for seeing birds-of-p...

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We can run any of our tours privately any time and we can also arrange custom itineraries - send us your wish-list and we'll put the itinerary together! Please click here.

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