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Mike is an excellent leader who not only locates the birds by sight but also by sound. He makes the effort to have everyone see the bird. His trips are well-planned and coordinated. I always felt safe and confident that he was looking after us on both my trip to France and to Thailand. Mike enhanced our trips by giving us a taste of the country’s native foods and wines as well. I’ll never forget sitting with our group on the back porch of a castle in France, sipping a beverage and watching new life birds fly by. A sweet memory!

Susan Schott
Gentoo Penguin - Steve and Louise Braine


Antarctica, the vast frozen wastes of a deep ice continent with forbidding temperatures and freezing winds! It is in the surrounding ice pack waters, welling up with life from the bottom of the ocean, where the profusion of Antarctic wildlife occurs. These rich, coastal, southern waters hold penguins and quantities of seabirds like skuas, albatrosses, shearwaters, cormorants, and petrels. Huge marine mammals like whales, dolphins and seals lurk here, searching for krill and fish – and sometimes the penguins that call this place home. Both savage and majestic, the continent of Antarctica has drawn many an intrepid explorer to this amazing wildlife spectacle of huge penguin colonies, cetacean highlights and rutting sea lions, surely not a place to be missed for any serious world birder or general traveler.

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