Birding Tour Australia: Tasmania and the Orange-bellied Parrot Pre-tour 2017

Duration: 6 days

This tour is now closed for booking. Please consider our 2018 tour.

Adjoined to the mainland until the end of the last glacial period about ten thousand years ago, Tasmania is both geographically and genetically isolated from Australia. Through the millennia this island has developed its own unique set of plants and animals, including twelve avian endemics that include Forty-spotted Pardalote, Green Rosella, and Strong-billed Honeyeater. Beyond the endemics it also harbors several species which winter on the mainland and breed mostly on Tasmania, such as Swift Parrot and Orange-bellied Parrot. Our search for these endemics and breeding specialties is set within a stunning backdrop of rugged coastlines, tall evergreen sclerophyll forests, alpine heathlands, and cool temperate rainforests, undoubtedly enriching our experience here. In addition, due to the lack of foxes many marsupials are notably more numerous in Tasmania, and we should be able to observe several of these unique animals during our stay.

This pre-tour to our Australia: from the Outback to the Wet Tropics 2017 tour can also be booked as a stand-alone tour. We can also arrange other extensions (e.g., Uluru for sightseeing, and pelagics).

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