Birding Tour Gabon, São Tomé and Príncipe 2017

Duration: 20 days

Gabon is a relatively undiscovered gem for birdwatchers. This French-speaking country is located in western Africa between Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Cameroon. There are 756 bird species in the country. While none of them are endemic, certain species are restricted to this part of Africa and have very small ranges, which, combined with the fact that almost 70% of Gabon is still covered by pristine, primeval rainforest, make the quest to spot these particular birds a real birding challenge.
Areas of rainforest in Gabon are the biggest intact forests in the whole of Africa with the highest diversity of bird and tree species in any given area on the continent. With a population of just 1.5 million Gabon’s rainforests remain relatively untouched, ensuring a diverse eco-system. It has a wide range of habitats including tropical rainforest, coastal lagoons, large rivers, grassland, and pristine beaches, all of which are home to a variety of colorful species.

As well as being home to many fascinating bird species, Gabon also boasts a variety of wildlife that rivals that of the East African grasslands. These include forest elephant, African elephant, buffalo, various antelope and monkey species, sitatunga, leopard, three species of crocodiles, chimps and gorillas, and several marine turtle species which nest along the coast.

Some 250 kilometers off the coast of Gabon lie the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe. They are located on the Equator and are characterized by unspoiled, palm-fringed beaches, towering volcanic peaks, and a fascinating colonial heritage. This is Africa’s second-smallest country, and it exhibits an enticing blend of African, Portuguese, and Caribbean culture. Pioneering travelers will discover an African island paradise. The scarcity of tourists is one of the islands’ biggest attractions, but for birdwatchers the approximately 25 endemic bird species (depending on taxonomy) are the attraction. The trip will take place during the short dry season, when weather conditions for birdwatching are at their best.

This tour is truly special with a combination of mainland and island birds, different cultures, and experiences to overwhelm your senses and fill your bird list.

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