Birding Tour Argentina: Northwest from the Foothills to Puna 2017

Duration: 13 days

Where else can you go from arid scrub to Yungas cloudforest at 7 000ft, to pre-puna at 9 000ft, to puna at 10 000ft, and to alto andino (high Andean) habitat at 13 000ft in a week’s trip? On our Birding Tour Argentina you’ll see cloudforest wonders like the highly range restricted Rufous-throated Dipper and Red-faced Guan, found only in this small 3000kmĀ² stretch of Yungas forest. Four species of Metriopelia ground doves, one of them endemic, can be seen in the arid pre-puna of the Humahuaca Valley. Stunning rock formations greet you along the way up into the Andes. You’ll find high alkaline lakes filled with flamingos, including one of the world’s rarest in James’s (or Puna) Flamingo. Isolated pockets of finches and hummingbirds and furnarids of all shapes and sizes abound. Marshes full of rails, herons, jacanas, limpkins, screamers, seriemas, and ibis, plus the many splendors of Calilegua National Park fill you with wonder on this ‘Birding Tour Argentina’ adventure. This hilly park is home to the enormous Giant Antshrike, several species of woodpeckers, Golden-collared Macaw, White-throated Antpitta, and an array of flycatchers. Nightjars don the road along with massive tarantulas, caught in the beams of our headlights as we drive down through the thick, steamy jungle. Almost 300 species can be seen on this trip along with stunning vistas, Inca culture, and great wine. Need we say more? Join us for Birding Tour Argentina.

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