Birding Tour Nepal: 13-day Birding Adventure 2019

Duration: 13 days

Welcome to our ‘Birding Tour Nepal’ adventure. The former kingdom of Nepal, now officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a land-locked country in Asia and one of the most mountainous on the planet. It is located in the central Himalayas, and of the world’s ten highest mountains eight are in Nepal. This land was cut off from the outside world for many decades after the second world war. But now it has opened up its boundaries to travelers, and it offers birders the opportunity to experience the immensity of birding the world’s highest mountain range without the high costs associated with visiting Bhutan.

Birding Tour Nepal boasts a spectacular diversity of habitats, from the lush lowlands of the Terai (“moist land”), conserved in the famous Chitwan National Park, to the top of Mount Everest! This remarkable heterogeneity of different habitats in such a small country means that Nepal boasts a bird list of over 850 species in a country less than half the size of Germany.

Our Birding Tour Nepal itinerary is designed to maximize your exposure to the different habitats and birds Nepal has to offer, without trekking on foot for days into the higher Himalayas. In addition, we have designed our itinerary to create numerous opportunities to experience the rich ancient cultures of this land, which are as diverse as the landscape.

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