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Ornithological Consulting

Birding Ecotours Ornithological Consulting and Education Services


While we, the staff of Birding Ecotours, are out guiding birding tours much of the time, we are passionate about any bird-related work. Some of us are qualified avian biologists and have had experience with consulting. Jason (https://birdingecotours.com/staff/jason-boyce) has done some reserve census and survey work. Duan (https://birdingecotours.com/staff/duan-biggs) has a doctorate in environmental economics and works as a consultant on integrating birding and other nature-based tourism development with conservation and generating local community benefits. He also works on finding innovative solutions to South Africa’s rhino poaching crisis. He has published over 20 scientific papers, including three in Science  and one in Conservation Biology. Chris (https://birdingecotours.com/staff/chris-lotz) did an ornithological PhD and then post-doc and still publishes the occasional scientific paper and does consulting work from time to time, even though he is generally too busy birding. He has published a good number of peer-reviewed papers in journals such as Functional Ecology, Biotropica and The Journal of Comparative Physiology B. Barry (https://birdingecotours.com/staff/barry-davies) does consulting in the field of vegetation management, rehabilitation, and other fields. Several of our staff have done wind farm consulting work. Any consulting work needing excellent bird identification and bird finding ability (such as wind farm assessments or a survey of what is on your property) would be well-served by any of our staff. Most of our guides are also very good at surveying other classes besides birds.

Courses and talks:

We are frequently called upon to give talks at bird clubs, and we sometimes arrange weekend or longer courses, such as the successful “Our fascinating birds” weekend course.

Contributing at historically disadvantaged schools:

We volunteer at schools, especially previously disadvantaged ones, giving talks about birds and the environment in general to increase awareness among youngsters. We believe that stirring a passion in birds amongst young people will ultimately create a passion for birds later in life. This can only help the sustainable development and conservation cause. Please call on us if you want us to give a talk at your school.

Contact us:

Please e-mail us (info@birdingecotours.co.za) if you need an expert birder or biologist – we have staff in many countries such as the USA, Australia, and South Africa.

We can run any of our tours privately any time and we can also arrange custom itineraries - send us your wish-list and we'll put the itinerary together! Please click here.

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