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Birding Ecotours News – July 2015

Dear Birders


Greetings, and welcome to our July 2015 newsletter – we send a newsletter out every alternate month (i.e. six times a year).

We’d like to feature a member of staff who has joined us fairly recently, Andy Walker (https://birdingecotours.com/staff/andrew-walker), who is doing us very proud! The guide makes the tour, and we are delighted to have some of the very best tour leaders! Andy does many Asian trips like India, Taiwan, Thailand, Borneo, etc., Australia and Pacific Islands, Costa Rica and other neotropical destinations, and of course he will also gladly guide you in his home England or wider Europe.

Quite a number of our tours in the second half of this year are now full or almost full. Our first 2 Namibia/Okavango/Victoria Falls birding tours for late 2015 filled fast so we have now added a 3rd departure, which now has 6 places left – see https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-namibia-okavango-and-victoria-falls-18-day-birding-adventure-2-2

We can still accommodate 1 person on each of our October 2015 South African birding tours (Cape and subtropical legs) but we have now (due to popular demand) added a second Cape departure that still has 6 places left (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-south-africa-western-cape-october-2015-2?type=country&where=South%20Africa)



African Marsh Owl by Andrew de Klerk – we often see this around Johannesburg


We have 3 places left on our very exciting “off the beaten track” South Africa tour which was designed as a pre-trip to our Mozambique/Zimbabwe trip – since the Mozambique/Zimbabwe trip is FULL (although at a push we might be able to accommodate 1 more person), if you join the pre-trip then we arrange a transfer back to Johannesburg on Nov 20, instead of crossing into Zimbabwe. Details of the “off the beaten track South Africa” tour, which is good for birders who have already seen a lot of South African birds but who now want to see some tough species including flufftails and localized forest birds, are at https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-south-africa-north-eastern-south-africa-2015?type=country&where=South%20Africa . This trip focuses on one of South Africa’s most bird-rich region, Limpopo Province, which boasts a staggering variety of species.



Dylan quite often finds Red-chested Flufftail on his various tours – this one was photographed by Andrew de Klerk on a Johannesburg day trip with Dylan

Talking of South Africa, we have spaces left on upcoming 1-day Cape Town pelagic trips, such as the one on 1/ 2 October, another one on 10/ 11 October and finally one on 14/ 15 October.

There are 2 places left on our “best of Madagascar” birds and wildlife trip (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-madagascar-14-day-birding-and-wildlife-tour-plus-optional-4-day-masoala-extension-2015) and 4 places left on the Masoala Peninsula pre-trip (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-madagascar-5-day-masoala-peninsula-extension-2015?type=country&where=Madagascar).

We can still accommodate a couple more last minute folk on the Heart of Brazil tour this year – https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-brazil-pantanal-cerrado-and-the-amazon – AND the 2016 Brazil tours are starting to show signs of filling up well in advance, too – see https://birdingecotours.com/tours/destination/country/brazil – you can join a Brazil mega-tour if you sign up for all the legs.

There are 3 remaining places on our 17-day Australia trip in 2015 (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-australia-cairns-to-sydney-plus-extensions-to-tasmania-and-uluru) and 4 on the Tasmania pre-trip (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-australia-5-day-tasmania-extension?type=country&where=Australia)



Laughing Kookaburra by Andy Walker – a truly massive Australian kingfisher

Talking of this part of the world, we also suggest booking our New Zealand trip in February 2016, as it is now showing signs of filling (see https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-new-zealand-birding-adventure-2016 ).

We have 2 places left on Bhutan this November (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-himalayas-of-bhutan-in-november-white-bellied-heron-black-necked-crane-and-awe-inspiring-vistas-2015) and we have 3 places left on the Indian (Assam) extension to this tour  (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-india-bhutan-extension-kaziranga-indias-grasslands-and-nameri-tiger-reserve-3?type=country&where=Bhutan)

Talking of India, we have 5 places left on our Northern India Birds, Tigers and Himalayas trip at https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-india-northern-india-tigers-and-birds-january-2016 . A major target is Bengal Tiger, plus we stop at the Taj Mahal. But this is one of the most bird-diverse parts of the world (no exaggeration), and of course we’ll be going for a myriad avian desirables as always!



Bengal Tiger by Nikhil Devasar

Asian tours are proving popular and some of our other 2016 ones are starting to fill, e.g.:

Mainland China (see https://birdingecotours.com/tours/destination/country/china for Sichuan/Tibet, Yunnan and Qinghai legs) and beautiful Formosa (Taiwan; see https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-taiwan-birding-extravaganza-2016)

Japan – winter wonderland – in early 2016 is also showing signs of filling – kindly see https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-japan-in-winter-birds-and-monkeys

Then, our United States birding tours are also starting to fill for 2016 and we do advise early booking – please consider winter owls of Minnesota (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-usa-minnesota) or spring in Arizona including the bird-rich south-east, Condors and the Grand Canyon (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-united-states-arizona-2016 ).

We’d also like to highlight Costa Rica in early 2016 (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-costa-rica-parts-1-and-2-2016) and 2017 – the 2017 one is being run as a conservation tour (https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-costa-rica-parts-1-and-2-2017)



Snowcap is one of a stack of brilliant Costa Rican hummingbirds we target

And while in Middle America, we should also mention Honduras – https://birdingecotours.com/tour/birding-tour-honduras-rare-motmots-ocellated-quail-and-pico-bonito-2016

We’re also adding another fantastic Morocco tour which will be in March 2016 and details of that will appear at https://birdingecotours.com/tours/destination/country/morocco shortly.

The long-awaited Pacific Islands trip (Fiji, Samoa and New Caledonia including Kagu) and also the long-awaited Gabon trip for September 2016 – are now almost finalized.

 Please do come and speak us at the British Birdfair (marquee 5) next month. We’d truly love to speak to you!

Do find us on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.


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Good Birding, from the Birding Ecotours team!

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