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Ross's Turaco by Masa Wang - Uganda birding tour

Birding Tour Australia: Top End Birding Specialties 2018

The ‘Top End Birding Specialties’ Tour provides fantastic chances of viewing many of Australia’s Top End specialty bird species during November, including Rainbow Pitta, Black-banded Fruit Dove (endemic), Hooded Parrot (endemic), Gouldian Finch, and migratory shorebirds. We also seek reptiles and mammals and visit two Aboriginal rock art and occupation sites, which are home to regional and endemic species. Three boat cruises on protected waterways (one private) give us great chances to see rare and elusive freshwater, riverine, and floodplain species, such as Little Kingfisher, Black Bittern, and Great-billed Heron. We undertake several short walks in various tropical and World Heritage-listed habitats in the huge and diverse Kakadu National Park as well as in surrounding nature reserves and great urban birding sites along the 1300+ kilometers circuit of the Top End region. The brilliant photographic opportunities of birds, wildlife, and scenery are many and varied. We would be looking to accumulate over 160 bird species on this tour, which explores the region from Darwin – Fogg Dam – Mary River – World Heritage Kakadu National Park – Pine Creek – Katherine – Adelaide River, and back to Darwin over eight bird-filled days.

This tour can be combined with our two preceding Australia tours: Australia: Tasmania and the Orange-bellied Parrot Pre-tour 2018 followed by Australia: From the Outback to the Wet Tropics 2018, and after this tour with our Australia: the Southwest 2018 tour.

Duration: 9 days

Limit (Group Size): 3 - 8

Date Start: November 13, 2018

Date End: November 21, 2018

Tour Start: Darwin

Tour End: Darwin

Price: AU$ 7,137 per person sharing (7-8 participants), AU$ 8,470 per person sharing (5-6 participants), AU$ 12,155 per person sharing (3-4 participants)

Single Supplement: AU$ 868

Price includes:
Lodging in comfortable hotels/lodges
All meals
All transportation during tour
Entrance fees
Expert birding guide
Price excludes:
Alcoholic drinks and drinks with evening meal
Travel insurance
Expenses of a personal nature (laundry, phone calls, internet, extra drinks and snacks, etc.)

Birding Tour New Zealand - New Zealand Fantail - Oz Horine

Birding Tour New Zealand: 18-day Birding Adventure 2019

Duration: 18 days
Limit (Group Size): 4 - 8
Date Start: February 02, 2019
Date End: February 19, 2019
Price: NZ$9,874 per person sharing, assuming 8 participants; NZ$10,437 per person sharing, assuming 6 – 7 participants; NZ$12,235 per person sharing, assuming 4 – 5 participants
Details: Welcome to this ‘Birding Tour New Zealand’ excursion. New Zealand is one of the most remote places on earth, and during 8o million years of isolation a fascinating and unique fauna evolved

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Gouldian Finch by Andy Walker

Birding Tour Australia: Top End Birding 2019

Duration: 9 days
Limit (Group Size): 4 - 8
Date Start: November 29, 2019
Date End: December 07, 2019
Price: AU$10,820 per person sharing (4-8 participants)
Details: The ‘Top End Birding’ tour provides fantastic chances of viewing many of the Northern Territory’s specialty bird species during November and December, including Rainbow Pitta, Banded Fruit D

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Varied Sittella by Andy Walker - Australia birding tour

Birding Tour Australia: the Southwest 2018

Duration: 9 days
Limit (Group Size): 3 - 8
Date Start: November 29, 2018
Date End: December 07, 2018
Price: AU$ 2,110 per person sharing (7-8 participants), AU$ 3,164 per person sharing (5-6 participants), AU$ 4,218 per person sharing (3-4 participants)
Details: Due to geographic isolation and diverse habitats, the south of Western Australia boasts several endemic species and subspecies. This nine-day Birding Tour Australia: the Southwest Extension will focus

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Orange-bellied Parrot by Andy Walker

Birding Tour Australia: Tasmania and the Orange-bellied Parrot Pre-tour 2018

Duration: 6 days
Limit (Group Size): 3 - 8
Spaces Available: 5
Date Start: October 22, 2018
Date End: October 27, 2018
Price: AU$2,752 per person sharing (7-8 participants), AU$2,995 per person sharing (5-6 participants), AU$3,458 per person sharing (3-4 participants)
Details: Adjoined to the mainland until the end of the last glacial period about ten thousand years ago, Tasmania is both geographically and genetically isolated from Australia. Through the millennia this isla

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What our clients say

Australia and Barry Davies: When I found out it was Barry Davies that was leading the trip, I was thrilled as I had been in contact with him years ago when I was with Jaeger Tours, at the recommendations of a number of my friends that had travelled with him, so we knew each other! He was extraordinary – knew his stuff in and out about OZ and its flora and fauna and was great with the participants. We did Cairns & Darwin then an extension to Perth & Tasmania. Not sure how you would pick a favourite place from that. Each region is different and of course getting to see different parts of the country is something that I would have thought one would want to do if doing OZ. I would have loved to have seen more butterflies, mammals and reptiles than we did, but maybe that requires different locations and more time in the field. We did however get Platypus and Echidna. Butterflies are pretty much restricted to the north east. Timing for birds is tough as there is so much movement amongst them depending upon food sources, but I would have said we did pretty well. While obviously we wanted to see all we could, it was not the end of the world if we missed anything, and a huge list was not our goal. We were there in the dry season, I would hate to think what it would be like in the wet season, as a number of places/routes would have been under water, especially in the Darwin region. Accommodations on the whole were very good – I loved the different lodgings, many of which we had to do our own breakfast, with kitchen facilities in the cabins. The country is huge, and with very few people, less than SA!, so some of the locations there was little choices, especially for a large group, but Barry did great in getting what he did. At each region we had to get a bus, there were 14 of us – these varied between great to OK, as the on the extension we had to have one with a trailer.

Adrian Binns, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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