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Ross's Turaco by Masa Wang - Uganda birding tour

Birding Tour Peru: Northwest and Abra Patricia Mountains 2018

We’re excited to bring you this fantastic ‘Birding Tour Peru’ adventure. Birding in Peru is a great trip that will offer an amazing set of endemic and classic Neotropical birds such as Long-whiskered Owlet, Marvelous Spatuletail, Peruvian Plantcutter, White-winged Guan, Little Inca Finch, Hoatzin, Oilbird, Rufous-crested Coquette, White-eared Solitaire, Golden-headed Quetzal, Channel-billed Toucan, Andean Cock-of-the-rock, Ash-throated Antwren, Fiery-throated Fruiteater, and many more.

It is an excellent opportunity for those who cannot travel for three weeks or more in Northern Peru but want to see the spatuletail as a priority. This Birding Tour Peru excursion will take you from the coast of northwestern Peru, where we will explore deciduous and dry habitats, to the lushness of the humid montane forest of Abra Patricia and the tropical foothills of San Martín, where we will look for foothill and Amazon birds.

A 4-day extension for the more adventurous will take us to the home of the Scarlet-banded Barbet, a bird that has not been seen by more than 30 people in the world, but it is accessible today on our 15-day Northern Peru tour (also part of our Birding Tour Peru collection). This extension, however, is rather strenuous. It requires a 40km drive (which can take more than four hours) in special 4x4s on an extremely bad road, and the birding terrain itself demands good physical fitness.

Duration: 15 or 18 days

Limit (Group Size): 4 - 8

Spaces Available: 3

Date Start: July 25, 2018

Date End: August 08, 2018

Tour Start: Lima

Tour End: Lima

The dates for the Scarlet-banded Barbet Extension are August 8 – 11 2018.

Physical Requirements:

We will spend 15 days traveling across four Peruvian provinces (states). Please note that with the exception of seven days we will drive from one location to another constantly.

This Peru birding tour does not demand much hiking but a good bit of walking, climbing, and standing on steep terrain, as in the Long-whiskered Owlet Lodge and in the humid forest above Moyobamba.

The maximum altitude we will reach on this tour will be 7 540 feet (2 300 meters) above sea level).

Most of the birding is along roads, highways, and open grasslands not far from the vehicle, but we will explore some flat and some steep forest trails at some locations.

The earliest start on this tour is having breakfast at 4:30am one morning and meeting at the lodge’s grounds at 5:00am to look for some owls before they return to their day roosts, then having breakfast at 6:00am. In most cases we will have breakfast at 5:30am and start birding by 6:00am. We ask participants to be prepared for early starts.

Tour Leader:

Our tours are run in English, so all our guides speak English in addition to another language, usually the local language of the country your are traveling in. They will travel with you all the time from the moment the tour starts until it ends. Your guides are experts on the local birds and will make all possible efforts to show you as many birds as you desire. They can accommodate hardcore birders as well as more easy-going participants; it depends on your style of birding. They are experts on the country’s facts such as its history, culture, social life, natural history, and ground logistics. They are enthusiastic and charismatic and love what they are doing. They will assist you in all your needs and would always be happy to show you as many birds as possible. 


Our accommodations are good and comfortable, at several locations including business hotels and some 3-star hotels, and also some rustic but comfortable lodges in the countryside and in the forest reserves.

You will have en suite bathrooms with hot showers. Normally we accommodate couples in twin rooms because the beds in double rooms might not be big enough for some people. King- and queen-sized beds are not available in most of the hotels, and if they are they will involve extra charges. Please, if you request a king- or queen-sized bed let us know in advance so we can check for availability.


We have an excellent reputation for providing the best possible food for our clients. We will have early breakfasts at some lodges, but other breakfast will be in the field before birding in order to maximize birding time. We will have some lunches at restaurants and others picnic-style in the field. All dinners are hot meals in hotels and restaurants; they can be set menus or plates a la carte; this depends on each place and the traveling routine

Price: US$5309 p/p sharing, 4 - 8 participants. Barbet extension US$1297 p/p sharing, 4 - 8 participants; US$2169 p/p sharing, 2 - 3 participants.

Single Supplement: US$545, Barbet extension US$133

Price includes:

Domestic flights

All accommodation (hotels and lodges)

Private tour leader

Land transportation

All meals (except where indicated)

Bottled water

All transfers

Admission fees

Price excludes:

Dinner the first and last nights in Lima

Hotel in Lima on day 15 if needed

Personal expenses such as phone calls, internet access, laundry service, etc.

Beverages and alcoholic drinks


City tours, museum fees, or any other extra activity which is not described in the itinerary

Any birding activity or tour if you arrive in the morning on the first day

Extension includes:

Land transportation

Special 4×4 vehicles

Camping equipment

All meals and bottled water

Admission fees

Private guide


Diademed Plover - Niall Perrins

Peru day tours

Duration: 1 day
Details: We offer 1-day Peru birding tours out of Lima. Please contact us for availability and details.

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Buff-fronted Owl - Alan van Norman

Owls of Northern Peru

Price: To be determined
Details: Birding Ecotours has been operating tours in Northern Peru for almost a decade and has been pioneering in developing a tour like this. Our main objective during this trip will be to track down and sho

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Buff-fronted Owl - Alan van Norman

Ecuador: Night Birds of the Northern Andes

Details: Please contact us for details.

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Birding Tour Peru - Peruvian Pelican - Alan van Norman

Birding Tour Peru: The Lima Area – Extension to South Peru 2019

Duration: 4 days
Limit (Group Size): 1 - 6
Date Start: July 16, 2019
Date End: July 19, 2019
Price: 4-6 participants US$1395 per person sharing, 3 participants US$1587 per person sharing, 2 participants US$1770 per person sharing, 1 participant US$2590
Details: During this short ‘Birding Tour Peru’ excursion we will be birding Pacusana, the Santa Eulalia Road,and the Lomas de Lachay National Reserve, searching, among others, for the legendary Dia

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Birding Tour Peru - Peruvian Pelican - Alan van Norman

Birding Tour Peru: The Lima Area – Extension to South Peru 2018

Duration: 4 days
Limit (Group Size): 1 - 6
Date Start: July 16, 2018
Date End: July 19, 2018
Price: 4-6 participants US$1280 per person sharing, 3 participants US$1456 per person sharing, 2 participants US$1624 per person sharing, 1 participant US$2376
Details: During this short ‘Birding Tour Peru’ excursion we will be birding Pacusana, the Santa Eulalia Road,and the Lomas de Lachay national reserve, searching, among others, for the legendary Dia

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Sorry, there are no other tours related to this one.

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Featured Guide - Eduardo Ormaeche

Senior Tour Leader and South American Office Manager Since 2004 Eduardo Ormaeche has not stopped working for Birding Ecotours. He started guiding tours in his native country of Peru and from there spr ...

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What our clients say

Dear Chris, Thank you for your interest in the outcome of our tour. It is not possible to answer you in one note, so I will try to do so in a few ‘to the point’ remarks. Yes, the trip met all our expectations, and more! We saw and experienced the Cerrado, the Amazon forest, even better than previously at Tambopata, and the Pantanal with its amazing variety and volume of wildlife. For me the sight of a Hyacinth Macaw, which drew me to the Pantanal, already made it worthwhile. Then, of course, come the excellent sightings of the Jaguars and the Otters and then all the birds for which Eduardo made special efforts to find for his goals. In the Cerrado we stayed in an excellent farm-lodge where we were lucky to experience the sighting of the Maned Wolf and the Burrowing Owl (which was on Elzine’s bucket list), apart from a number of colourful specials like the Motmot and Jacamar. In the Amazon we were also very lucky to find another of Elzine’s target species, the Anaconda, and also another member of South America’s big five, the Tapir. We had an excellent session of forest birding on one of the towers where we could really appreciate the advantages of our private tour which, we think, was good value for the additional cost. Together with the Cristalino guide we had the tower for ourselves, and with an excellent guide like Eduardo also with us, we experienced a feast of good sightings. On EDUARDO:  It was a pleasure to travel with him again and having him as a guide who showed his expertise even in the presence of other local guides. It is good to hear that he also enjoyed our company. In summary, we came back as very satisfied customers of Birding Ecotours  and wish to thank you and Lynn for the opportunity to experience the Heart of Brazil. Regards Jacques and Elzine Smuts

Jacques and Elzine Smuts , Pretoria, South Africa

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