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During our tour of Costa Rica Mike was a huge advantage in our quest for the target birds. His body bristling with equipment, he used his ceaseless enthusiasm, know-how, sharp eyes and keen ears to readily uncover and identify those that mattered – from the gregarious to the rare and the secretive. And after dark he would make relevant contributions to most camp-fire topics. Great to have him on the team!

Mike and Inger Lear, Johannesburg, South Africa


Magnificent Canada, humongous (the second largest country on the planet) yet sparsely populated, boasts endless tracts of wilderness. The great boreal forests of Canada are inhabited by some very special birds such as Boreal Chickadee, Boreal Owl, Great Gray Owl, Spruce Grouse, Black-backed Woodpecker, and other desirables that are more difficult to find in the USA than here in Canada. Snowy Owl and Northern Hawk Owl can occur in good numbers near the American border in a different habitat, the prairie grasslands of the central provinces. Point Pelee is arguably the most famous spring stopover site in the whole of North America for wood warblers and other migrants as they cross over Lake Erie from Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States, en route to their Canadian breeding grounds.

Canada is famous for its absolutely spectacular scenery, from Vancouver Island and the Canadian Rockies in the west to the Niagara Falls and Great Lakes in the east.

Not surprisingly considering Canada’s vast tracts of wilderness, some of North America’s most iconic mammals, including wolf, bears (three species – Churchill is for example famous for polar bear), moose, etc., which are still relatively common.

Birding tours to Canada not only generate some highly desirable bird species, but, as a by-product of the birding, good mammals and truly impressive scenery are the bonus.


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Loveland Pass


From the eastern shoreline west across the rolling Appalachian mountains, across the wide open plains of the mid-west into the towering Rockies and across the arid desert-like western slope — the continent of North American offers a very wide range of habitats to explore. The Appalachians offer the widest array of North American wood warblers, and our Tennessee tour offers the chance to see over 30 of them in breeding splendor, both on territory and in migration. The foothills of the eastern Rockies and the plains leading up to them offer the chance to see one the world’s great birding spectacles: the lekking dances of grouse and prairie chickens trying to win mates. North along Hudson Bay, there is the chance to see open tundra prairie shorebirds in breeding plumage, like Hudsonian Godwit and American Golden Plover, as well as grouse like White-tailed Ptarmigan and Spruce Grouse. Sparrows and warblers are also in abundance in the forested regions up there. This continent has a lot of spectacular owls, and we offer several “Owls of the World” (R) trips here. North America is one of the most scenically spectacular continents, and it is also teaming with wildlife in addition to birds: moose, elk, bears, mountain goats, and so much more. Join us in exploring this rich wilderness.

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