Birding Tour Cameroon: 26-day Complete North and South 2018

Duration: 26 days

Welcome to our next ‘Birding Tour Cameroon’ adventure. With towering peaks, rolling hills, dry Sahel habitat and primary forest, Cameroon is awash with some of Africa’s most sought-after regional endemics. The Cameroon Highlands is one of Africa’s most endemic-rich areas, and we visit three of these amazing peaks, some still active volcanoes. Grey-necked Rockfowl (Red-headed Picathartes), a skulking forest species with only one other member in its family, is endemic to this area’s lowland forest. This is one of the few places you can pick upĀ all three species of African trogons.

Bannerman’s Turaco, one of the most range-restricted turacos in Africa, can be found in the Bamenda Highlands. With Quail-Plover, Egyptian Plover, and Golden Nightjar, all possible in the dry north, there are opportunities to see a wide range of some of Africa’s most desired birds on this Birding Tour Cameroon excursion.

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