Birding Tour Madagascar: The Remote North 2018

Duration: 10 days

5 % discount for all 2018 Madagascar tours if booked before the end of June 2018
All domestic flights are included in the price.

Our Birding Tour Madagascar: The Remote North is good for serious listers who may have already done the basics of Madagascar; the standard Madagascar trips that most birding companies do allow one to see perhaps 80 % of the endemics given almost a month (including extensions), but visits to more remote sites is needed to “get” the others. The main such site is visited on this trip, allowing birders to connect with some of the rarest, most range-restricted, and endangered species on the planet. These include Madagascan Pochard, Madagascan Serpent Eagle, Slender-billed Flufftail, and Red Owl. Not only is the birding spectacular, but so too is the scenery and the variety in the fauna and flora that one picks up along the way. The trip, however, is quite strenuous and the camping fairly basic. But the birds available soon make one forget about the lack of common luxuries. However, it is better to join our standard tours if you want proper accommodation and want to see a great deal of what Madagascar has to offer – this trip is for those who want to get closer to “cleaning up”.

We also offer trips to other remote sites within the massive island of Madagascar to search for Tsingy Wood Rail (at Bekopaka) and for Sakalava Rail (at Lake Kinkony). Please contact us for details.

This tour can be combined with our Birding Tour Comoros and Mayotte 2018.

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