Birding Tour Morocco: The Best of Central Morocco 2018

Duration: 11 days

Birding in Morocco is both scenic and exciting, and the country has many first-class birds, including a number of near-endemics, such as the stunning Moussier’s Redstart, Tristram’s Warbler, Levaillant’s Woodpecker, and the odd-looking Northern Bald Ibis. This tour follows the birdlife of the Sahara desert and the Atlas Mountains, as well as incorporating the spectacle of the spring migration from Africa to Europe. From the snow-capped Atlas Mountains at around 2600m to the low-lying beautiful dunes of the Sahara desert – the birds we see are always against an impressive backdrop wherever we are! In early spring birds are migrating to Europe, and the beautiful Moroccan landscape explodes into bloom, helping the numerous passerines on their northward migration.

However, for many it is the numerous mouth-watering near-endemic and desert specialties that can be found in Morocco which are the biggest draw, and the list is long! Whether it be seeing a beautiful male Moussier’s Redstart perched on roadside bushes, waiting at dusk for a view of the mystical Egyptian Nightjar or Pharaoh Eagle-Owl, searching for small groups of Cream-colored Courser and Thick-billed Lark on the now famous Tagdilt Track, sifting through migrants in a desert hotel garden, watching African Desert Warbler in the sand dunes, or simply enjoying the desert scenery among camels, there is something for everyone on this Birding Tour Morocco adventure!

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