Birding Tour USA: Colorado - Lekking Grouse and Rocky Mountains 2018

Duration: 12 days

Colorado offers one of the most spectacular North American birding spectacles with the spring lekking season of several grouse species, which we’ll see on this Birding Tour USA adventure. Churring, gurgling, prancing males strut around their chosen lek, competing with other males to see who can get selected by a mate. Along with this spectacle, the stunning Rocky Mountains and rolling grass prairies hold an abundance of bird life. Mixed in with these are the cottonwood canyons and pine forests that give us a variety of great habitats to go birding in. Good food, roads, and lodging make for a comfortable and easy trip through this fantastic wilderness.

This Birding Tour USA adventure can be combined with our A Texas Spring: Rio Grande, Hill Country, and Whooping Cranes 2018 tour.

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