Mammal and Birding Tour South Africa: The Kalahari 2018

Duration: 9 days

We offer an optional 6-day Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park pre-tour extension to this tour.

Welcome to our Birding Tour Kalahari expedition. The vast Kalahari area is semi-desert, where some very tough African mammals can be found relatively easily. Moreover, it has a lot of mammals (notably smaller ones) that are only very rarely seen anywhere else and most certainly are not found on your typical Serengeti or Kruger safari. We invite you on a spectacular African experience that you will not forget in a hurry. Birding Tour Kalahari is very memorable!

This ‘Birding Tour Kalahari’ adventure can be combined with our Drakensberg and Zululand Mammal and Bird Extravaganza 2018 (April 10 – 18 2018). You can join either tour independently, but we strongly recommend doing both. Doing both tours means you will sample two African habitats that are absolutely poles apart.

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