Birding Tour Greece: The North and optional extension to Lesvos 2018

Duration: 9 days

Greece has one of the highest bird densities in Europe and offers wonderful cultural possibilities.

On this 9-day Birding Tour Greece adventure we will start off in Athens, one of the cultural capitals of the world, where we will familiarize ourselves with the more common European birds as well as visit some of the best cultural spots in the city.

From here we make our way north to beautiful Lake Kerkini, which offers wonderful opportunities to view breeding Dalmatian Pelican and Pygmy Cormorant. The surrounding forest is home to six Woodpecker species, including Syrian, Grey-headed, and Middle-Spotted.

Our next stop on Birding Tour Greece is Mount Pangaion, where we will target alpine species that include Rock Bunting, Alpine Chough, and Rock Partridge.

We visit the Nestos Delta on our way to the Evros Delta. There, on the Turkish border, we will spend a few days. The vast Evros Delta offers a real opportunity to find a rarity or two, as well as Mediterranean Gull, Eurasian Bittern, and Slender-billed Gull. We also visit nearby Dadia Forest, which is the best location in Europe for raptors, with thirty-five out of the possible thirty-eight diurnal species in Europe possible!

We then drive back to Thessaloniki, where you can catch a flight back home or take a plane to bird island Lesvos for the ultimate end to your ‘Birding Tour Greece’ adventure!

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