Birding Tour Taiwan: Birding Extravaganza 2018

Duration: 12 days

Taiwan not only has great avifauna but also a host of other winning points that make it a wonderful destination for a comfortable ‘Birding Tour Taiwan’ adventure. With about 30 endemics, many endemic subspecies that could be split, and all its migrants and widespread Asian birds because of Taiwan’s position on the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, there’s stacks to look forward to. Taiwan is located 100 km east of the coast of China, south of Japan and Korea, and north of the Philippines. Less than 400 km long and 150 km wide, with rugged central mountains and deep valleys, it boasts a very high biodiversity – in a very manageable package.

This Birding Tour Taiwan adventure focuses on the endemics and other East Asian specialities in Taiwan’s well- protected forests. Most of our time will be spent in the mountains, but we will also allow some time in the lowlands and at the coast, looking out for wetland birds. Orchid Island (Lanyu) has several interesting birds. When circumstances allow we will leave time for other aspects of nature, for the fascinating human culture, and for chasing any reported notable vagrants.

The weather should be generally dry and pleasant, but with a chance of showers and cold at the highest points. Photo opportunities are good.

The Taiwanese are a very friendly and welcoming people. They have blended the best parts of unspoiled, traditional Chinese culture with the influence of colonial Japan, along with the native Austronesian culture. Taiwan is free and democratic, has good infrastructure, and is considered safe.

Focus: Birds. But also a bit of other aspects of nature and human culture.
Grading: Easy walks on good surfaces. Good photo opportunities.
Climate: From comfortably warm in the lowlands to cool or even cold at the highest points.

• Around 30 endemic species (over 60 subspecies/dubious splits)
• Many other resident and passage birds – lots of widespread East Asian species
• Excellent scenery, varied habitats, flora, and butterflies
• Interesting culture
• Good food, supplemented with familiar snacks and drinks
• Good infrastructure, comfortable, safe, and clean environment
• Adequate time and flexibility built in to chase notable ‘megas’, etc.

This ‘Birding Tour Taiwan’ experience can be combined with one or more of our three China tours: China: 9-day Yunnan Pre-tour 2018 (May 13 – 21 2018), China: 18-day Sichuan 2018 (May 21 – June 7 2018), and China: 12-day Qinghai extension 2018 (June 7 – 18 2018) for a once-in-a-lifetime Asian mega tour.

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