Birding Tour Italy: Birding and Sights of the Roman Empire 2018

Duration: 18 days

Welcome to our next Birding Tour Italy adventure. Italy is a must-visit country to most travelers – this is where both the Roman Empire and the Renaissance began, and no other Western country can quite compete with the incredible historical depth of this one. Even if you are not a history buff, your jaws will still drop open when you first set eyes on the beautiful cities of Florence, Venice, and Rome. Combined with the art and history, Italy also has some of Europe’s most magnificent scenery.
We acknowledge the fact that many people will want to visit Italy at some stage or another, and we hereby present you with the opportunity of combining birding with seeing the main sights and also experiencing the culture of modern Italy.
This is a tour in which we divide our time between the mountains, estuaries, and other birding sites, and also enjoy the culture and history of this unique country.

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