Birding Tour Mongolia: Bird Specialties in Taiga and Gobi 2018

Duration: 15 days

Welcome to our Birding Tour Mongolia, a birding and wildlife photography tour in some remote areas from the Siberian taiga through the high Altai Mountains to the Gobi desert.

Mongolia is one of the hottest birding sites in Asia. You can see a wide variety of birds in different natural habitats during this trip, driving in excellent company and with professional guides through splendid landscapes from Siberian taiga forest to the steppe in the country made famous by the Great Genghis Khan. Take this opportunity to make your dreams come true, seeing raptors such as Saker Falcon, Upland Buzzard, Amur Falcon, and Pallas’s Fish Eagle, but also Siberian Rubythroat, Black-billed Capercaillie, Henderson’s Ground Jay, and Altai Snowcock.

Our targets in the different habitats are the following: In the Mongolian steppe Demoiselle Crane, Saker Falcon, Amur Falcon, Mongolian Lark, Oriental Plover, and Upland Buzzard, in the boreal forest of the taiga Siberian Rubythroat, Red-flanked Bluetail, Pine Bunting, Black billed Capercaillie, and Chinese Bush Warbler, in the wetlands White-naped Crane, Asian Dowitcher, Swan Goose, and migratory stints, and in the Gobi desert Altai Snowcock, Kozlov’s Accentor, Henderson’s Ground Jay, and Asian Desert Warbler. In addition we might also see gray wolf, Mongolian gazelle, Siberian ibex, and argali (mountain sheep).

Expect more than 200 species for the trip, depending on the season.

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