Birding Tour Peru: South Peru - the Inca Empire, Mountains and Lowland Rainforests 2018

Duration: 16 days

Welcome to the next tour in our ‘Birding Tour Peru’ collection. This is a classic Southern Peru birding tour, in which we sample a huge range of different habitats from coastal desert to high altitude desert to Andean cloudforest and steaming Amazonian lowlands – the richest biome on the planet for birds. It is also a tour in which we see, incidentally to the birding, one of the world’s greatest archaeological wonders, Machu Picchu, along with old Spanish architecture.

This ‘Birding Tour Peru’ adventure can be combined with its short extension, Birding the Lima Area – 4-day extension to the South Peru Birding Tour 2018 and/or with our Northern Peru: 26 days Birding the Endemic-rich North and Cordillera Blanca 2018 tour (5 – 30 June 2018) for a Birding Tour Peru mega tour.

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