Birding Tour Zambia and Malawi (South-central Africa) 2018

Duration: 27 days

It is surprising that Zambia and Malawi are not bombarded by birders! Probably they are just not particularly well-marketed, charismatic, and popular countries for birding tours. But this is certainly not because they’re not exactly as amazing as any of their more popular neighbours in East and South Africa. We will demonstrate this to you on this ‘Birding Tour Zambia’ adventure. Their avifauna is incredible for advanced and novice birders alike; both countries are teaming with huge numbers of amazing birds that will delight beginners as well experienced birders, including loads of regional (if not country) endemics, and even a number of “Congolese-Zambian” specials on the northern border of Zambia. In addition, these countries are not only teaming with birds, but also with loads of big animals, amazing sights, and everything else that makes Africa such a brilliant continent to travel in.

On this ‘Birding Tour Zambia an Malawi’ adventure we will visit a large number of areas in both countries proclaimed by BirdLife International as Important Bird Areas (IBAs), as well as several wonderful national parks – a route that hopefully will allow us to watch the majority of these exciting avian riches.

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