Birding Tour South Africa - Cape, Namaqualand and Kalahari 2018

Duration: 13 days

This is a birding adventure in which a large number of localized southern African endemics will be encountered. In addition, big mammals such as black-maned Kalahari lion will be an exciting distraction to birding. We’re excited to bring you this ‘Birding Tour South Africa’ adventure!

We start with a couple of days around Cape Town, where a plethora of fynbos habitat endemics can be found amid some of Africa’s most splendid scenery.

We then drive to Springbok in northern Namaqualand. From here we can bird the endemic-rich, beautiful desert mountains of one of the most famous flower areas on earth. Namaqualand has a huge plant diversity, and its spring flower shows are an impressive sight. In addition, we can also access the desert coast just south of the Namibian border.

Next on this Birding Tour South Africa adventure we head inland for some extremely localized birds inhabiting the region called “Bushmanland”. Further inland, we bird the surroundings of the impressive “waterfall in the desert” (Augrabies Falls) and its associated gorge before heading for one of Africa’s great game parks: the vast Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park extending into neighboring Botswana. This conservation area is on a par with Kruger and Etosha National Parks and is set in one of South Africa’s most remote wilderness areas, wedged between Namibia and Botswana. Not only is this park inhabited by Africa’s charismatic megafauna such as lion and gemsbok (oryx), but it also hosts many vibrant southern African endemic birds like Crimson-breasted Shrike, Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Southern Pied Babbler, Kori Bustard, and Black-faced Waxbill. This park is a truly phenomenal place for raptors and owls, many of which can be found at their day-time roosts.

We then add on a drive to Kimberley; this is especially rewarding during the southern winter when recently described pipits can be seen. We also have an excellent chance of seeing aardvark there.

Please note that this Birding Tour South Africa excursion itinerary is still flexible, and we may opt to spend more time in Cape Town if any participants request this.

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