Photo and Birding Tour Kenya: Birding and Wildlife Adventure 2018

Duration: 21 days

This is a photographic birding tour that gives you time in one of Africa’s most photogenic countries. Kenya has a unique and diverse array of habitat types, ranging from the snow-capped mountains at about 5000 meters above sea level, tropical lowlands, highland forests, vast savannas, and rolling plains and grasslands to the coastal dry forests and the shores of the Indian Ocean. There is a total of 1100+ bird species recorded on the country’s checklist from its 62 Important Bird Areas (IBAs), with 117 of these being migrants from the Eurasian region.

This 21-day tour will enable us to find around 600 bird species and will take us through many spectacular habitats. We’ll experience some fantastic birding and truly excellent large game viewing, so there will always be something to draw the eye – and the lens. We’ll have a chance to walk in the forests and drive among the many large game animals that the plains of East Africa are famous for. This tour is particularly designed for photographers, provides awesome and rather easy photographic opportunities, and allows time for brilliant bird and wildlife shots.

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