Birding Tour Borneo: Spectacular Birds and Other Wildlife 2018

Duration: 15 days

Birding Borneo is quite something as it is the third-largest island in the world and is awash with avian riches. With over 50 endemics and pristine Dipterocarp forests, montane cloudforests, riverine habitats, and mangrove swamps you should enjoy an amazing trip filled with stunning birds like pittas, trogons, and broadbills, as well as many mammalian treasures like Bornean orangutan, proboscis monkey, crab-eating and southern pig-tailed macaques, Malay civet, and an array of reptiles and butterflies.

Our tour will bring us to most of the important birding venues of the Malaysian province of Sabah, which covers the northernmost part of this vast and amazing island, including five of its IBAs (Important Bird Areas identified by BirdLife International): the Crocker Range, Mount Kinabalu, Kabili-Sepilok, the Kinabatangan floodplain, Tabin Wildlife Reserve, and Danum Valley.

The weather can be a bit cool in the mornings in the highlands, where rain is always a possibility, and very hot and humid in the lowlands. Borneo is tropical; you never know when a rainstorm will brew up anywhere, so be prepared with a lightweight raincoat and something to cover your optics. We also recommend leech socks for Danum Valley, although some bug spray may keep the leeches away.

There is one uphill hike at Mount Kinabalu to search for some of the highland endemics along the summit trail. While on the Kinabatangan River we are exposed to the sun for hours at a time, so we recommend a hat and some sunscreen.

Most of the hotels are good to very good. The food here can be a bit spicy, but they often tone it down for those with a less sturdy palate.

This tour can be combined with our The Best of Peninsular Malaysia, with optional extension to Banding Island 2018 tour for a complete Malaysian mega tour.

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