Photo and Birding Tour Namibia - Quintessential Namibia 2018

Duration: 11 days

Experience the Namib in all its splendor – the oldest desert in the world with towering red dunes. The essence of Namibia is encapsulated in this wondrous photographic birding exploration, which takes in all the ‘must-dos’, namely Sossusvlei, the Skeleton Coast, and the game-filled plains and waterholes of Etosha National Park.

The ideal experience, and one we boldly strive for, is to combine visiting the world’s remaining wilderness areas with that of special-interest wildlife photography. Our photographic guides are all highly-qualified naturalists and experienced photographers themselves, and we specialize in birds, mammals, and of course the unique landscapes and cultures experienced along the way. Key to getting exceptional images is an intimate knowledge of wildlife subjects and their behavior, and our guides will go that extra mile for you to get that perfect shot. That said, the wildlife is never put under any undue stress and will be respected at all times.
All photo tours are uniquely crafted to maximize wildlife viewing opportunities, but will also be an excellent learning experience, catering for photographic participants of all skill levels.

This Quintessential Namibia **SQ TOUR** is not your typical Birding Ecotours offering. It rather is an example of an exciting new line of ultimate photographic journeys to the planet’s most unspoiled wilderness areas. Everything on these tours is of an exceptional standard – from the birding and wildlife photographic opportunities to flying over amazing landscapes by light aircraft to the luxurious safari camps themselves. Due to the specialized nature of these tours please email us for a ‘seasonal quotation’.

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