Birding Tour South Africa: Kruger National Park and Escarpment October 2018

Duration: 9 days

This is a tour for those who want the ultimate African mammal safari experience while also seeing a huge diversity of birds, a disproportionate number of these birds being very brightly colored, charismatic, and spectacular, with some strategic Drakensberg endemics and incredibly rare raptors being thrown in.

This tour should yield elephant, lion, loads of antelope species, Nile crocodile, and all the other megafauna (plus small mammals too) that sub-Saharan Africa is famous for, as well as multiple species of bee-eater, roller, kingfisher, cuckoo, hornbill, eagle (including Bateleur), vulture, owl, turaco, seedeater, stork, and a myriad of others. The Kruger National Park boasts 450 bird species! We also target the phenomenally rare Taita Falcon and many other localized species occurring along the forested Great Escarpment west of the drier Kruger National Park lowlands.

The tour as detailed is good for first-time visitors to South Africa or Africa, as it focuses on the bird-rich and mammal-rich southern parts of Kruger, which are also relatively close to Johannesburg, plus it also includes some excellent endemics.

This tour can be combined with our Western Cape, South Africa, 8-day Birding Adventure October 2018 tour and then with our 18-day Subtropical South Africa Birding Adventure October 2018 for a 37-day South African adventure, and, following this, our Namibia, Okavango, and Victoria Falls 18-day Birding Adventure 2018 for a stunning Southern African mega tour.

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