Birding Tour Madagascar: 7-day Northwest Pre-tour 2018

Duration: 7 days

One hundred and twenty nine species of birds have been recorded in Ankarafantsika National Park, more than half of them endemic to Madagascar. They include Van Dam’s Vanga/, Rufous Vanga, the elusive Banded Kestrel, and the more easily observed Madagascar Fish Eagle, which can often be seen at Ravelobe Lake. The endangered Humblot’s Heron can also be seen at Lake Ravelobe.

This pre-pre-tour to our Best of Madagascar: 15-day Birding and Wildlife Tour 2018 can also be booked as a stand-alone tour. It can also be combined with our Madagascar: 6-day Masoala Penisula Pre-tour 2018 and, following the main tour, with our Madagascar: 6-day Berenty Reserve Extension 2018 tour.

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