Birding Tour Madagascar: Best of Madagascar Birds and Wildlife 2018

Duration: 15 days

Madagascar! Our world’s fourth-largest island is, quite simply, unique. Five bird families and five mammal families (including the lemurs) are endemic to this massive island, and half the world’s chameleons, weird and wonderful endemic plant families, and tons of other wildlife can be found here. An astonishing 120 bird species are endemic – including such exotic groups as vangas, ground rollers, cuckoo roller, couas, asities, and mesites. Lemurs vie for attention, from the tiny mouse-lemurs to the marvelous sifakas and the amazing Indri with its calls that resound through the forest. Our tour visits a range of habitats: grasslands, dry deciduous woodland, the bizarre spiny forest with its odd octopus trees (Didiera madagascariensis) and elephant’s foot trees (Pachypodium rosulatum), lush eastern rainforest, as well as lagoons and mudflats. The birds that we’ll look for include the roadrunner-like Long-tailed Ground Roller and the stunning Pitta-like, Scaly, and Rufous-headed Ground Rollers, as well as the highly-prized Subdesert Mesite, the unforgettable Giant Coua, the astounding Velvet Asity, and Madagascan Ibis, to name just a handful. We invite you to join us on a special tour to an amazing island!

This tour can be combined with either our Madagascar: 6-day Masoala Peninsula Pre-tour 2018 (12 – 17 October 2018) pre-tour, or with both pre-tours, adding our Madagascar: 7-day Northwest (Ankarafantsika/Betsiboka Delta) Pre-tour 2018 (6 – 12 October 2018), as well as with our Madagascar: 6-day Berenty Reserve Extension 2018 (31 October – 5 November 2018) for a magnificent full month Madagascar adventure. It can also be combined with our Namibia, Okavango (Botswana)and Victoria Falls (Zambia): 18-day Birding Adventure 2018 tour (2 – 19 November 2018) and, following that, with our Birding Tour Zimbabwe and Mozambique 2018 (21 November – 5 December 2018).

Please note that Madagascar is a huge island, and we also offer, in addition to the set-departure extensions listed above, remote extensions for some of Madagascar’s toughest endemics, including Madagascan Serpent Eagle, Red Owl, Madagascan Pochard, and Sakalava Rail. Please contact us.

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