Birding Tour Indonesia: Sulawesi and Halmahera 2018

Duration: 18 days

Sulawesi, a large, four-pronged island of Indonesia that sits between Borneo and New Guinea, is an amazing destination. Rich tropical jungles and rainforest peaks hold some 42 range-restricted species, including 12 endemic genera!

Probably most famous among these endemic birds is the Standardwing bird-of-paradise, whose raucous calls echo through the forest from their leks. Stunningly-colored kingfishers illuminate the forest along with the mound-building Maleo, Purple-bearded Bee-eaters are hawking for insects, and brightly-colored parrots, woodpeckers, and stunning hornbills abound. Not only are the birds spectacular, but many endemic mammals also inhabit this island. This itinerary gives us a chance to crisscross the island to find the best spots in this most endemic-rich place. The adjacent smaller island of Halmahera is similarly packed with north-Moluccan endemics and is equally high on most world birders’ wish lists.

This tour can be combined with our Birding Tour West Papua: Arfak and Waigeo Birding Expedition 2018 to explore Indonesia’s avian fauna in both the Indomalayan and Australasian ecozones.

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