Birding Tour Australia: the Southwest 2018

Duration: 9 days

Due to geographic isolation and diverse habitats, the south of Western Australia boasts several endemic species and subspecies. This nine-day Birding Tour Australia: the Southwest Extension will focus on finding as many of these endemics as possible, as well as on enjoying a wide range of other interesting flora and fauna.

Endemic species that we will be focusing our attention on during the tour include Carnaby’s (Short-billed) and Baudin’s (Long-billed) Black Cockatoos, Western Corella, Red-capped Parrot, Western Rosella, Noisy Scrubbird, Western Bristlebird, Red-winged Fairywren, Western Fieldwren, Western Thornbill, Western Wattlebird, Western Spinebill, Gilbert’s (formerly known as Western White-naped or Swan River) Honeyeater, White-breasted Robin, Western Whistler, and Red-eared Firetail. Other species that just about get out of Western Australia, but are near-endemics to the region and Australian endemics and form targets of the trip include Western Yellow Robin, Rufous Treecreeper, Blue-breasted Fairywren, and Western Whipbird. Due to recent fires in its previous stronghold, the likelihood of finding Western Ground Parrot is unfortunately very low, as this species, with a tiny remaining population, is pushed nearer to the brink of extinction.

Further species we will also be looking for include the Australian endemics Malleefowl, Square-tailed Kite, Banded Stilt, Hooded Dotterel, Rock Parrot, Elegant Parrot, Purple-crowned Lorikeet, and Splendid Fairywren, and the near-endemic Fairy Tern. The isolation of southwestern Australia has led to a high degree of endemism also at the subspecies level, and we will try to see as many of these as possible. This will prove interesting for those participants who have been birding on the Australian East Coast and/or in Tasmania and are interested in the possibility of some potential future armchair ticks!

For those wishing to continue exploring Australia, this tour can be combined with our Australia Pre-tour: Tasmania and the Orange-bellied Parrot 2018 (22 – 27 October 2018) tour, our Birding Tour Australia: From the Outback to the Wet Tropics 2018 (28 October – 12 November 2018) tour, and our Birding Tour Australia: Top End Birding Specialties 2018 (13 – 21 November 2018) tour, so that all four Australia tours could be combined.

We can also arrange other extensions (e.g., sightseeing trips to Sydney, Uluru, etc., and pelagic trips).

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