Mammal and Birding Cruise Norway: Svalbard (Spitsbergen) - Polar Bears and Seabirds 2018

Duration: 8 days

You arrive in the world’s northernmost town, historic Longyearbyen (previously known as “Long Year City”), deep within the Arctic Circle, and we have time to explore this small city of about 2000 human inhabitants. We then depart on our cruise for the northern parts of the beautiful, remote Svalbard Archipelago (previously known as Spitsbergen). While one of our main targets will be polar bear (and other Arctic mammals), Chris is first and foremost a birding guide, so he’ll certainly be constantly watching for all the special birds. We plan to visit a breeding colony of Ivory Gulls, we should see Rock Ptarmigan, and we’ll also of course try for all the sea ducks and all the other desirables. The scenery is truly spectacular, with all the glaciers, fjords, jagged peaks, and myriads of small islands.

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