Birding Tour Costa Rica Escape 2019

Duration: 9 days

Join this short Birding Tour Costa Rica we have developed for you as the best excuse to leave home and the daily stress to do some great birding in one of the most fantastic birding destinations in the Neotropics.

Costa Rica offers probably the best birding in Central America not only in terms of birds (the country holds 903 species) but also in terms of accommodation and tourist infrastructure. We are staying at the nicest and most comfortable hotels available for birders and nature lovers.

If you don’t have time to join our more comprehensive Costa Rica tour or just want to go back there to get few more species that you might have missed on previous tours, this could be perfect for you. The tour is suited for both beginning birders in the Neotropics and more experienced birders trying to get a high number of species in the shortest amount of time.

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