Birding Tour Thailand: 14-day Jewels of the South 2019

Duration: 14 days

The peninsula of southern Thailand, part of geological Sundaland, is a birders’ and naturalists’ paradise. Bounded by the Gulf of Thailand to the east and the Andaman Sea to the west, this lush tropical region boasts a maritime climate and a unique combination of terrestrial and marine attractions that rank among the best globally. Our tour is designed to incorporate the most spectacular of the region’s unique karst limestone scenery in searching for the region’s diversity of specials.

The region’s star attraction is the Rail-babbler, one of the few birds in the world in a family of its own. Also, there are resident pittas in the area. Although Gurney’s Pitta is now probably extirpated from Thailand, there is a chance to see Malayan Banded and Mangrove Pittas. Pittas aside, the rainforests we visit teem with flamboyancy in their birdlife – five potential hornbills, Great, Helmeted, and White-crowned Hornbills among others, ten species of tropical kingfishers, five species of trogons, and more.

We visit a range of national parks to find these specials, picking up scores of ornately-colored woodpeckers, unique jungle-living babblers, attractive leafbirds, and more along the way. Our itinerary includes an outing for the tricky Nordmann’s Greenshank and Chinese Egret. While birding, we may encounter intriguing jungle mammals including Dusky Leaf Monkey, Southern Pig-tailed Macaque, the aptly named Black Giant Squirrel, the beautiful Lar (White-handed) Gibbon, and, with luck, the nocturnal Greater Slow Loris. We will also visit the stunning reservoir at Khao Sok National Park, surrounded by one of the oldest primary forests in Southeast Asia.

This tropical birding adventure, set amidst extraordinary karst limestone landscapes and rich tropical seas, is one not to be missed!

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