Birding Tour Zimbabwe: Birding, Wildlife, and Victoria Falls 2019

Duration: 15 days plus optional 3-day pre-tour extension to Mana Pools

Our next adventure is Birding Tour Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is an absolutely fabulous country – scenically wonderful, with very friendly people fluent in English and, surprisingly to many people, with a truly excellent infrastructure. The hundreds of miles of paved roads are in very good condition, and it is one of the few African countries of which you can see a great deal without the use of a 4×4. With an improving political leadership and the change to the US Dollar as the local currency, which has greatly improved the economy, the country is once again fast becoming a very popular destination to birders, and right now it is still possible to get very comfortable accommodation at comparatively low rates.

During our 18-day ‘Birding Tour Zimbabwe’ adventure (which includes a 3-day pre-tour) you’ll see all the major habitats, sights, and birds of this wonderful country and end up with a very good bird list and loads of Africa’s big and small mammals.

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