Birding Tour Bulgaria: Winter Birding Wonderland 2019

Duration: 8 days

This tour encompasses the best of Bulgaria, and indeed eastern European birding during the winter months. While winter birding lacks the sheer diversity of the spring tour, it brings with it the vast numbers of geese and other waterfowl that make use of this small area in Eastern Europe to overwinter. High among these are large numbers of Red-breasted Geese, a globally threatened bird, along with the likes of Smew, White-headed Duck, and both Tundra and Whooper Swans. Aside from the truly impressive numbers of waterfowl, the key specials of Bulgaria and indeed, most of Europe are still on the cards and should still be seen. These are Grey-headed, Black, Syrian, and Middle-spotted Woodpeckers, Short-toed Treecreeper, Dalmatian Pelican, Pygmy Cormorant, Rough-legged and Long-legged Buzzards, Calandra Lark, Sombre Tit, Ring Ouzel, Spotted Nutcracker, and White-tailed Eagle.
Other key advantages of this tour are:
– Short traveling and a high diversity and numbers of birds.
– All of the important observation points (lakes) are relatively small and easily
accessible in winter conditions.
– The highest concentration of waterbirds – around Lake Burgas (up to 230 000 geese)
and Durankulak Lake (up to 250 000 geese), compared to their area.
– The brackish and freshwater lakes situated near the Black Sea Coast attract a high
diversity of birds – up to 150 species for the tour.

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