Birding Tour Ghana: Upper Guinea Forest and Pre-Sahel 2019

Duration: 22 days

(Please ask us about “Owls of Ghana”, a ‘Birding Tour Ghana’ trip we do by special request.)

Ghana is arguably the best and easiest country in which to start one’s West African birding career, as its huge range of habitats is easily accessible and all the special birds (including the charismatic White-necked Rockfowl (Yellow-headed Picathartes) are amazingly well staked-out. While a lot of birders start their West African birding with a visit to the tiny Gambia, the larger and more varied Ghana has a great deal more to offer, including 180 of the “Guinea-Congo Rainforest” birds (which will basically all be life-birds for anyone who has not yet been to West Africa) and 12 of the 15 Upper Guinea Forest endemics (which are restricted to a much smaller part of West Africa, i.e. part of the Bulge of Africa). These Upper Guinea endemics can be found in neighboring countries, but birding gen is lacking compared with Ghana, and travel for English-speakers is more difficult in the other countries.

Ghana certainly does have a wide range of different habitats, and we look not only for forest birds at sites including one of Africa’s most impressive canopy walkways, but we also look for some charismatic arid-area birds. Standard-winged Nightjar is almost guaranteed, as is the incomparable Egyptian Plover.

This tour can be combined with our Birding Tour São Tomé and Príncipe: 10-day Birding Adventure 2019 (18 – 27 February 2019) and, preceding that, our Birding Tour Gabon: 14-day Birding Adventure 2019 (3 – 16 February 2019).

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