Birding Tour Ethiopia: Complete Abyssinia 2019

Duration: 21 days

Ethiopia, “the Roof of Africa”, is an absolutely unique and spectacular birding destination. It is one of Africa’s most scenically beautiful countries, boasting some of the continent’s highest mountains and plateaus (but also contains a depression that reaches slightly below sea level), impressive escarpments, Great Rift Valley lakes and volcanoes, and very varied vegetation from juniper forests to arid savanna dotted with monstrous red termite mounds. Descending from the highlands to the deep valleys far below can seem like entering a completely different world, all within the same day – it is an amazingly varied country.

Ethiopia’s unique mountain topography situated in the middle of the “Horn of Africa” is not just stunningly scenic but has also produced a staggering number of endemic birds (about 30 species) found in no other country, in addition to quite a lot of birds that are most easily found in Ethiopia – especially since other countries in north-east Africa are currently considered unsafe to visit. The list of Ethiopian endemics includes two awesome Turaco species, Ruspoli’s and White-cheeked, the striking, bizarre and taxonomically puzzling Stresemann’s Bushcrow, and Archer’s (Liben, Sidamo) Lark, which is sadly considered the next bird to probably go extinct in Africa. Ethiopia is also one of the best places to see birds such as Arabian Bustard, with luck having Northern Carmine Bee-eaters riding on their backs. Ethiopia’s birds are generally easy to find, and in addition to the plethora of endemics it is not too difficult to end up with an impressive bird list of well over 500 species after a three-week trip to this country.

Ethiopia of course also boasts such fabulous mammals as Ethiopian Wolf, some awesome primates including Gelada and Hamadryas Baboons, and many others. The country also has a spectacularly rich and ancient history and all in all is a wonderful country to travel in.

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