Birding Tour Peru: The Endemic-rich North and Cordillera Blanca 2018

Duration: 26 days

This expansive ‘Birding Tour Peru’ expedition of the magnificent north of Peru will lead us through all of the most rewarding birding hotspots of this astounding area brimming with avian riches. A major highlight will be the Owlet Lodge in the Abra Patricia Mountains, where we will hopefully encounter one of the most enigmatic birds of Peru, the Long-whiskered Owlet, endemic to northern Peru and only described to science somewhat over 30 years ago. A bird list of over 500 species is easily attained.

We also offer a 2-day optional pre-tour extension to the Santa Eulalia Road.

This ‘Birding Tour Peru’ adventure can be combined with our South Peru: Birding the Inca Empire, Mountains and Lowland Rainforests 2018 tour (1 – 16 July 2018) for a Peruvian mega tour.

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